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Professional cultivation of plants involves more than just watering and fertilizing them. Sometimes you also need, among other things. fight weeds, pests and diseases, helped by appropriate sprayers. They are also useful in the irrigation and sprinkling process. Using them will be much easier if you invest in the right replacement parts. High-quality sprayer parts will make your equipment work properly, and the treatments you perform – bring the expected results.
In this category you will find, among other things, pressure gauges. These types of sprayer parts are even indispensable, because their job is to measure pressure, and this in turn affects the quality of spraying. They also make sure that the entire installation works properly. Pressure gauges can be divided, among other things. On: wet and dry. While the former are filled with a special fluid (which provides greater accuracy in case of possible shocks), the latter are devoid of it.
Sprayer parts also include ejector nozzles. With them, crop protection products and liquid fertilizers can be precisely applied. They increase the effectiveness of the care procedures performed. They produce thick droplets with high drift resistance, which, when they hit the plants, break up and increase the level of coverage of the sprayed area. They are also distinguished by their wind resistance, which in turn makes it possible to perform spraying even in extremely difficult weather conditions.