Articulated telescopic shafts

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Articulated telescopic shafts
allow to transmit
from the tractor’s power take-off shaft (PTO) to the
machine’s power take-off shaft (WPM).
To be used properly, they must meet certain
safety standards
. As a result, they will allow a long
operation of agricultural equipment
, as well as carefully selected components for them, such as adapters or a friction clutch.

allow power to be transferred in
auxiliary drives
. They work well when shaft is too short Or when the size of the shaft connections is not compatible. Therefore, we can say that it is a kind of
so that you can attach
accessories with different mounts
. We add that our adapters are characterized by durability and reliability.

Friction coupling
allows, in turn, to transmit
Between two separate, rotating shafts. It is used to
protection against overloads
and the associated
failures of active machine components
. It is worth using them whenever
working components
of machinery are exposed to rapid changes in load.