Product description

Citing feedback from our customers, Exparto provides pitchforks with the best value for money. Why such an opinion?

EXPARTO forks have a so-called FIFTH, which is the element that carries the highest loads. During the bending process, the radius of the fork is thickened, i.e. Heel. Additional welded parts are made by forging. The result is a fork with much greater strength than the safety standard requires

NOT TO BE FOLDED. EXPARTO forks wear the slowest of the forks offered on the Polish market. The long service life is made possible by using a forging method for the blade, rather than milling. This means that the EXPARTO fork has much more material with an uninterrupted metallographic structure.

OPTIMUM HARDNESS AND FLEXIBILITY. We measure the level of hardening in several places of each fork.

We measure each batch to make sure that our forks fit perfectly into the transport frames offered by Exparto as well as by other well-known manufacturers.

We are one of the few suppliers to perform metallographic inspection after the heat treatment process of Exparto transport forks. The idea is to demonstrate that the optimal quenching temperature has been applied. At too high a temperature, although the hardness will be as required, the coarse texture will cause cracking and premature fork wear.

We check the chemical composition of the material to make sure they are made from a specially selected grade of spring steel.

The protective lacquer coating provides Exparto forks with an aesthetically pleasing appearance for many years.

EXPARTO forks are used successfully in front loaders, telehandlers, forklifts

EXPARTO agricultural and transport forks are compatible with attachments for front loaders, telehandlers and forklifts manufactured by:

Agromasz, Hydramet, Inter Tech, Metal-Fach, Metaltechnik, MX, New Holland, Quick, Stol, Toyota Stell, Volant or Zetor


Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 120 × 10 × 50 cm


Fork class