Product description

Pressure gauges are devices that are used to measure the pressure in gas and liquid systems. Their task is to indicate the difference between the internal and external (atmospheric) pressure of the system under test. These are visual indicators that, if necessary, allow efficient detection of problems within specific installations. This is important because improper pressure can contribute to not receiving quality products or even failure.

One of the types of devices in question are hydraulic pressure gauges, which are used to measure the pressure in fluid-fed systems. They are necessary for the proper functioning of the control system of hydraulic components. Some pressure gauges of this type are also used to measure the fluids of pneumatic systems.

Add that we can divide pressure gauges into: wet and dry. The former have filling in the form of a special liquid, while the latter are devoid of it. The liquid allows for more accurate measurements in the event of any shock or vibration. It also makes there less risk of destroying the device - as vibrations are the most common cause of their failure. This is related to the fact that they stimulate moving components of pressure gauges, such as the gearbox or Bourdon tube, to vibrate. It should be noted that pressure gauges are used in agriculture, construction, as well as industry. They are also used in the gas, thermal power, water supply, heating, sewerage and even food industries.


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 8 × 3.8 cm
Disc diameter

63 mm



Connection threads

M12 X 1.5

Measurement range

0-16 bar

Type of connection




Minimum operating temperature


Maximum operating temperature