Product description

V-belt is a narrow-profile model that is used as a component designed to transmit power in the drives of various machines. This applies to special drives such as wedge-flat drives. How does the presented product work? This uses friction between the belt and pulley, which is set in motion. The task of the belt is to transmit torque to the receiving pulleys.

V-belt is ideal where space is limited and classic belts cannot be used. It can be successfully used for heavy loads and high peripheral speeds. It is also distinguished by its high resistance to: bending, abrasion, oil and pollen, as well as high temperatures.

The presented V-belt also has a very high power rating. It provides flexibility, as well as stability and smoothness of the work performed. It features a long service life, so maintenance work is not required very often in this case. On top of that, it generates little old energy, is very lightweight, and stands out for its favorable price/quality ratio. It is also characterized by low noise generation and high efficiency with due to low slippage.

The V-belt is used in the construction of industrial, agricultural, horticultural, mining, construction machinery and equipment, as well as in the automotive industry. It is by far the most commonly used in the production of rotary flatbed mowers.


Weight 0.38 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1.3 cm
Normative length [LP]

2932 MM

Operating temperature

-30°C to +100°C