Product description

The plate comes with a 6-hole hub.

EXPARTO agricultural discs for cultivation in simplified technology using aggregates and disc harrows. When choosing discs, both the machine manufacturer and the user are guided by more than just the type of machine. They take into account the type of field work or the specifics of the soil. EXPARTO discs are ideal for aggregates over 3m wide, disc harrows under 3m wide, and disc plows. They guarantee quiet and efficient operation.

What makes Exparto's cultivation discs different?
  • Minimum Abrasiveness, Maximum Hardness: we know how to harden our plates to ensure optimal HARDNESS of the working surface without losing the ELASTICITY of the center
  • Uniform thickness of the entire plate surface
  • EXPARTO discs are a perfect match for the reputable Exparto hubs and other hubs available on the market
  • High resistance to HIT (e.g., stone impact)
  • Adequate HARDNESS: we reduce the risk of rapid plate abrasion or cracking when the material is over-hardened.
  • Discs made of meticulously tested high-grade steel: BORIC, SPRING or CARBON, depending on the need, purpose and type of field work
  • Much less clay or wet soil adheres to EXPARTO discs because they are extremely SLOW thanks to a special protective coating applied under closely supervised conditions;
  • EASY installation and replacement of EXPARTO plates
  • QUALITY and RELIABILITY of products in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and PPAP principles adopted in the automotive industry. We control every stage of production in detail, from the composition of the material used to hardness tests, simulation and field work.

We recommend EXPARTO discs for disc harrows, shell harrows , forestry harrows, cultivators, disc plows and stubble cultivators (grubbers), seeding units, seeders, hybrid units.

EXPARTO discsare compatible with machines manufactured by: Agrisem, Agrimet, Agro lift, Agromasz, Agrotom, Akpil, Amazone, ATMP, Awemak, Batyra, Bednar, Bomet, Bury, Czajkowski, Dexwal, Euromasz, Expom, Goliath, Horsch, Kunh, Kverneland, Lemken, Mandam, Metalfach, Pettinger, Polgrom, Rol/ex, Rolmako, Staltech, Strumyk, Unia, Vaderstad, , PPHU ZAPAŁA and other machines equipped with SKF , Krasnik or C-type hubs.

Well-chosen hubs, together with other components, in addition to purely practical advantages such as easy installation or replacement, are able to increase the efficiency of work by more than 100% and reduce operating costs by up to 30%.
Usually twice a year, in spring and autumn, farmers prepare the soil for new seeds. In recent years, the period of unploughed work preparing the soil for sowing has been extremely short, prompting the search for solutions that optimize time, resources, and are environmentally friendly.


Weight 8.1 kg
Dimensions 51 × 5.1 × 3.5 cm
Diameter of the plate

Ø510 mm


3.5 mm



Number of teeth


Number of holes


Hole spacing

122 mm

Type of steel

carbon steel

Mounting shape


Number of hub bolt holes


Shaft Thread