Product description

PTO shafts are used to transfer torque from the tractor's power take-off (PTO) to the power take-off shaft of the machine (WPM) that is attached to said tractor. Shafts are an important component of trailers and agricultural vehicles. At the same time, they are a guarantee of reliability and safe operation. They also protect the machine's drive components when it is running. The basic division includes:

  • Basic PTO-telescopic shaft s - they are used when the mutual positioning of the PTO and PTO shafts with respect to each other does not exceed 25° of the angle of articulation breaking during continuous operation.
  • Wide-angle PTO shafts - these are used when the mutual positioning of the PTO and PTO shafts can lead to joint breakage of up to 50° of joint breakage angle during continuous operation and 50° during momentary operation.

You can also distinguish between milled shafts, tubular shafts and tubular-triangular shafts - they differ in their tube profiles. Individual shafts may also have different torque values and a different number of wide-angle joints.

At Exparto, we offer both complete shafts and the parts and accessories designed for them: cross-bearers, joints, couplings. The individual components are made of high-quality materials (e.g. of high-carbon steel), and the shaft covers themselves are not susceptible to mechanical damage, low temperatures or UV radiation. What's more, some components are equipped with special heavy-duty bearings.


Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 82 × 13 × 13 cm
Overall length

80 cm


27 x 74.5 mm

Maximum torque

600 Nm

Attachment to Tractor

1 3/8" Z6

Attachment to Machine

1 3/8" Z6