Product description

Hydraulic distributor 03P40 - monobloc, providing the ability to control three-position levers, with a flow rate of 40 l/minute. It is distinguished by its robust and compact design, which allows it to be connected in series with other similar devices using a pressure sleeve. It is a three-section model, suitable for controlling single-acting and double-acting actuators. It also features high versatility and stable operation.

The 03P40 hydraulic distributor will be perfect for a wide variety of hydraulic systems - both in industry and construction, as well as in agriculture itself. It will excel in tractors, loaders, excavators, construction and agricultural machinery, HDS loaders, sprayers, cyclops, turners or even sweepers. Add that the whole thing is easy to assemble yourself.

The levers can be in different positions:
  • neutral (vertical) position
  • working position (oblique forward),
  • working position (diagonal backwards).


Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 22 × 19.5 × 10 cm
Number of sections


Section spacing

35 mm

Maximum pressure at the return

50 bar

Maximum pressure on supply

250 bar

Maximum pressure on sections

300 bar

Maximum flow rate

40 L/min

Connection port power supply


Connection port return


Connection ports sections


Permissible ambient temperature

-40 C to +60 C

Permissible oil temperature

-15 C to +80 C