Product description

EXPARTO forged tines - an excellent choice for TUR front loaders and telehandlers. Why?
  • Exparto's forged teeth are obtained by die forging just like the pistons in the internal combustion engines of top sports cars.
  • Excellent in quality, they are distinguished by their hardness, and at the same time flexibility, which guarantees many years of trouble-free operation. The desired flexibility can only be achieved through detailed supervision of workmanship and supervision of the heat treatment process. We check the level of hardening in several places on each finger.
  • In addition, measuring each batch gives us confidence that EXPARTO tines fit perfectly into the bushings welded into the loader attachments. The threads provide self-locking; this means that they do not twist out of the nut, so there are no destructive clearances.
  • Exparto is one of the few suppliers that performs metallographic inspection after the tooth heat treatment process. The idea is to demonstrate that the optimal quenching temperature has been applied. At too high a temperature, although the hardness will be as required, the coarse texture will cause cracking and premature wear of the tooth.
  • We control the chemical composition at the very beginning of the production process, because even the best carried out technological process will not ensure 100% quality if the quality of the input material is low
  • The accuracy of the protective varnish coating allows the loader tines to maintain their aesthetic appearance for many years.
Exparto forged tines are successfully used in grapple bucket, silage grapple, sliding pallet fork with pins, Model Q manure and straw fork, bale fork, silage cutter. Exparto forged tines are compatible with front loader and telehandler attachments manufactured by: Agromasz, Hydramet, Inter Tech, Metal-Fach, Metaltechnik, MX, New Holland, Quick, Stoll, Volant, Zetor


Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 88 × 7 × 3 cm
Overall length

880 mm

Diameter at the root

36 mm







Nut included