Product description

The seger ring is available in 2 types of external and internal settling. Despite its small size, it is an important structural part of the machinery and is used in particular to protect its individual components from axial displacement - it locks them in place so that they do not move during operation and will not wear out over time.

The ring is designed to be placed in a special groove, matching its size. The element is also characterized by an unusual shape - not centric, but eccentric. As a result, it perfectly adheres to the groove in which it is placed. Spring Settling Rings have a diameter range of 5 to 500mm, an eccentric shape and evenly press the entire circumference of the ring into the groove. They carry only axial loads. They are inserted and removed axially with special pliers that use the holes at the ends of the rings.


Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 4.5 cm
Ring type

external for grooved shafts

Inside diameter

41.5 mm

Outer diameter

45 mm